Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CAE speaking practice


Look at these various methods of learning and training and discuss
with your partner which you consider to be the most and the least
effective ways of learning or training to do something.
Time: 3 minutes


These pictures were published many years ago. They show what people
thought life would be like In the future, i.e. our 'today' (or even 'yesterday'!),
and what it would be like in the more distant future. In pairs, taking each
picture in turn, decide when the pictures might have been published and how
they represent what people thought the future would be like.
Time: 3 minutes


Funds are available to build a new national monument in your country to
commemorate a special occasion. Various suggestions for what kind of monument
it should be have been put forward. Decide with your partner what kind of monument
you would like to erect and where you would erect it. You can use the designs and
suggestions below to help you or you can suggest something different.
Time: 3 minutes


With your partner, look at the drawings and decide:
• what kind of competition this might be,
• what you have to do to win it.
• who it might be aimed at.
• what message the pictures are trying to put across,
• whether you think they are successful in getting their message across.
• whether you can spot the differences!

Time: 3 minutes.


You live near a stadium which was built for the last Olympic Games.
Unfortunately it is losing money and in danger of being closed, unless it starts
making a profit. Plan a series of events to bring in the crowds. Remember, you
must raise as much money as possible. With your partner decide:

• which three events suggested below would generate the biggest profits.
• which event you think would be the least popular.
• what you would charge for entry.
• what other entertainment or facilities you would provide, e.g. refreshments.
• what other activity you could suggest to raise money to save the stadium.
Time: 3 minutes

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