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1 Do you know where the rumours in today's paper emanate/radiate/stream from ?
2 He brought/let/allowed himself in for criticism when he published the children's
photographs in the newspaper.
3 I worked for a local paper but gave in my notice because it turned out to be a
final/dead/blank end job.
4 The editor told the retiring journalist that he would be severely/sorely/terribly
S From slight/plain/modest beginnings, the journal has developed into a publication
with a world-class reputation.
6 A reader complained to the publisher, who in line/turn/series, said something to
the editor.
7 They refused to publish the story in the light/on the grounds/on the understanding
that it was not in the national interest.
8 The political column was definitely out of taste/sense/keeping with the independent
stance of the paper.
9 The paper makes a sharp/severe/clean distinction between matters which are in
the public domain and those which should remain private.
10 As the new editor, I see my job as assigning/obtaining/entailing responsibility to
all members of staff.
11 The chemical works has done untold/unspoken damage to the surrounding environment.
12 The hyenas carried off the remains of the zebra's carcass/corpse.
13 The zoologist thanked the audience for their participation/contribution to the workshop.
14 A bite from this snake would deliver a mortal/lethal dose for a small child.
15 The monkeys all caught a particularly noxious/virulent form of the disease.
16 The aye-aye is famed/reputed to be one of the more elusive animals.
17 There is no obvious inheritor/successor to the retiring head of the zoo.
18 The fox is fiercely/notoriously difficult to keep in captivity.
19 The court found the man guilty of cruelty and banned/excluded him from keeping
20 The sick animal had to be provoked/coaxed into eating its food.
21 Even today, forests are still being cleared and in regression/in retrospect this will
certainly be seen as a mistake.
22 The warden emerged from his hiding place and came eye to eye/face to face with the
23 The hut we built has fallen down already so it's back to the designing/drawing
24 The latest research casts/flings new light on human evolution.
25 Then the man saw the scorpion crawling into his son's cot, he moved like
26 My parents want me to go to university but I have mixed/second feelings about it.
27 He picked up the kitten by the scruff/tuck of the neck.
28 I was so taken about/aback by what I saw that I couldn't speak for a time.
29 Most sharks do not attack/prey on humans.
30 It's freezing in this house! Look at me - I've got duck/goose pimples!
31 The young cat licked her newly/firstly born kittens all over.
32 You have to be tough in the world of advertising. Survival of the best/fittest is the
rule in this game.
33 I couldn't answer his question so I just shrugged/tugged my shoulders.
34 When she got out of the car, her skirt looked lined/crumpled.
35 Beauty is only skin/eye deep.
36 My father is a real gentleman but he's one of a dying kind/breed.
37 The politician came in for a shower/barrage of criticism when news of his actions
leaked out.
38 He was accused of corruption and although he protested his innocence, the mud
seemed to stick/land.
39 I made/had a go at bungee jumping but it wasn't exactly my thing!
40 The flowers smelt beautiful and their scent/stench perfumed the air.
41 When they heard the joke, the children started to giggle/grizzle happily.
42 Have you got a comb? My hair is really mucky/messy.
43 They shot the film in Ireland, whereby/thereby avoiding the problems associated
with filming in a hot climate.
44 The artist's work was praised for its subtle/meticulous attention to detail.
45 It was a pity that Jon took such insult/offence at my comments.
46 Sheila used to be a wonderful artist so it is a shame that she has ended up/turned out
in such a dead end job.
47 The company plan to make a sequel to the film, nevertheless/notwithstanding the
poor box office returns.
48 It was a touch/stroke of luck that Laura was available when one of the dancers
sprained her ankle.
49 The artist made a brief pencil sketch/blueprint of the man's face.
50 On the first day of rehearsals the conductor was determined to press/stamp his
authority on the proceedings.
51 It was something/somehow of a surprise when Amanda got the leading role.
52 When the star broke his leg they were confronted/affronted with the problem of how
to finish filming.
53 That school claims to give its pupils a thorough/sound grounding in the classics.
54 I'm going to study medicine, hoping/assuming I pass all my exams of course.
55 I believe the money wasted on teaching Latin should be used/put to better use.
56 An inspection of the school is long outstanding/overdue.
57 There aren't enough volunteers for the summer fair. Would you mind helping out/joining
58 Please resist/refrain from running in the corridor; it is a danger to yourself and others.
59 I objected when my friends said we should play truant but they shouted/called me down.
60 His place at university is reliant on/dependent on his getting top grades in his final exams
61 Mrs Brown has promised to let us out early this afternoon. It's an incitement/incentive
to make us work harder.
62 There is very good provision/assistance for the disabled in the new school buildings.
63 My desk is cluttered/burdened with rubbish.
64 The company faces several problems, only/not the least of which is a lack of money.
65 There has been a lot of speculation/contemplation about the choice of a new director.
66 He's been working extremely hard so would find a holiday profitable/beneficial.
67 The factory was besieged with workers who had a hindrance/grievance against the
68 Tom's new job does not really provide him with enough range/scope for his talents.
69 Should/Were the company to go bankrupt, the government would take it over.
70 A good salesman is always aware of the latest market trends/drifts.
71 Your CV should cover the bare bones/skin of what you have done - try not to give
too many irrelevant details.
72 Keep to the point when you write your job application and do not wobble/waffle.
73 Pilots do a great deal of their training in virtuous/virtual reality cockpits.
74 There is no harm/hurt in asking a professional to check over your CV before you
send it.
75 Your job application needs to stand up/out from the others.
76 The man managed to defraud/smuggle a large quantity of cigarettes through customs.
77 When the director started to speak, everybody lay/fell silent.
78 While they were working on the oil rig, the men were completely cut off/out from
their families.
79 The men came off/out on strike because one of their colleagues was sacked.
80 The boss refused to increase our salary and said we could take it or leave/let it.
81 The police eliminated/discarded the suspect from their enquiries.
82 In the early days of detection, the police had no resort/recourse to fingerprint
83 The murderer dispersed/disposed of the body by burying it in his back garden.
84 That young man is on the slippery lane/slope to becoming a criminal. He'll end
up in prison if he doesn't change his ways.
85 He's a refugee/fugitive from justice; police forces all over the world are searching
for him.
86 I haven't got the least/slightest clue what the detective was getting at.
87 The murderer was reprieved/liberated when the grounds on which he had been
convicted were found to be unsafe.
88 Police are trying to combat the crime tide/wave which has hit the country.
89 There was an outcry from human rights organisations when the man was
punished/sentenced to death.
90 The police are mounting/maintaining an inquiry into how the accident
91 A man was seen hovering/loitering near the scene of the crime.
92 The man is accused/alleged to have committed the crime while under the
influence of drugs.
93 The police eliminated/discarded the suspect from their enquiries.
94 In the early days of detection, the police had no resort/recourse to fingerprint
95 At first the police thought the man's death was an accident but now they suspect
dirty/foul play.
96 The police caught up with the kidnappers and freed the hostage but it was a
near/close shave.
97 The detective's suggestion was just a shot/throw in the dark, but luckily, it was
98 What the burglar told the policeman was a packet/pack of lies.
99 Losing my wallet that day was a present/blessing in disguise because when I went
to the police station to report it I met my future husband!
100 After the robbery, the thief tried to keep a low/slight profile.
101 At a round/rough guess, I would say that the criminals escaped with about
102 Alice's parents were worried about her but she arrived home safe and sound/whole.
103 By and wide/large, most people are law-abiding citizens.
104 A prisoner escaped from a top security jail and he's now on the run/go.
105 People who live in close vicinity/proximity to the nuclear plant are worried about its
effects on their health.
106 They may find a cure for the disease but the research is still in its childhood/
107 In his excitement, the young researcher shrugged/threw caution to the winds and
published his findings without checking them.
108 John is a cut/point above the others at the laboratory when it comes to good
109 The Professor is there to overlook/oversee the progress of the research.
110 It is unfortunate that some scientists are totally impenetrable/impervious to criticism
and never listen to the general public.
111 I object on conscience/principle to any form of genetic engineering.
112 Having solved the first problem, the scientists set out/set about finding a way round
the next one.
113 My brother is an amateur mechanic and loves dabbling/tinkering with old engines.
114 Some of the researchers have now connected/allied themselves with those protesting
about experiments on primates.
115 She really tried/put my patience to the limits.
116 Old people sometimes try to cling/hang to the past.
117 My mother is a compulsive hoarder. She collects anything that comes to hand/grasp,
regardless of its worth.
118 I visited Barbara in prison and offered to help her but she seemed completely
indifferent/careless to her fate.
119 Jim found/felt it difficult to resist his daughter's beguiling smile.
120 He couldn't have had a fight; violence is quite opposed/foreign to his nature.
121 While we have no doubts about William's keenness, we do not believe he is
experienced/competent to lead the venture.
122 We'll wait until Mum is in the right set/frame of mind before we tell her our news.
123 Assuming/Considering so much money was spent on her education, Linda is rather a
124 Mr Hill hinted/suggested very strongly that he would withdraw Bill from the team if
his behaviour didn't improve.
125 I can't summon up/out any enthusiasm for going out jogging in the cold right now.
126 No one wanted the puppies so they were foisted on/over me!
127 I am loath/lithe to reveal the truth about what happened.
128 My flatmate has decided to go on/in a diet.
129 Some people are prone at/to obesity.
130 The slimming club blamed Paul's failure to lose weight in/on his lack of self-discipline.
131 Young men are under/on a great deal of pressure to look fit.
132 Don't worry. We'll soon get on/to the root of the trouble.
133 Carmen has come up on/with a great idea on how to lose weight.
134 I put up/on weight very quickly so I have to be extremely careful about what I eat.
135 Starting this new slimming programme is definitely a step at/in the right direction
for Jo.
136 Many people believe that the diet industry is a scam that relies in/on its clients'
137 In agreement/accordance with normal practice, the product will be tested before
it goes on sale.
138 We manufacture bending/folding chairs for the garden which can easily be stored
for the winter.
139 Sales drifted away/tapered off at the end of the year and have not picked up again
140 I bought this computer because I had confidence in the brand/mark name.
141 The firm will have to cease trading as there is no call/order for their product.
142 Our sales campaign is aimed at eighteen- to twenty-five year olds as they have
such huge spending force/power.
143 Orders reached a climax/peak in June but fell off very quickly after that.
144 Be careful with that superglue as it sets/thickens very quickly.
145 Politicians are usually deaf to everything apart/except/other than what they want to
146 The fact that laziness often runs in families supplies/lends/offers some plausibility to
the claims made by geneticists.
147 Don't let Matilda plead/protest/pretend illness as an excuse for not doing her homework.
148 There seems, for the time being at any chance/aspect/rate, little likelihood that a gene
for humour will be found.
149 People claim that our genes exert a powerful influence/attraction/control on our
150 The new findings threw/drew/forced the work of the researchers into confusion.
151 Hotheads among the protesters stirred/incited/agitated others to acts of vandalism.
152 I found the claims made by the speaker absurd, but despite that I managed to
choke/suffocate/suppress my laughter and put on a straight face.
153 The producer was forced/driven to despair by the slow progress they were making.
154 Programme makers have not kept pace/step with new developments in forensic
155 With forensic science, a clearer understanding of pre-history seems well within/inside
the bounds of possibility.
156 The investigations carried out on the programme were on a very small scale/plan.
157 The archaeologists were boosted/buoyed up by their success and decided to continue
excavating the site.
158 Paleontologists disagree about the extent to which meteorite impacts have affected
the output/outcome of our planet's development.
159 Cannibalism was relevant/prevalent in many ancient tribal societies.
160 Forensic science is becoming increasingly suffocated/sophisticated.
161 When it comes to investigating the past, historians borrow/lend heavily from police
162 As illness took grip/hold, the Vikings were forced to retreat from the lands they had


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